Water Damage In Your Texas City Home

The Texas City Summers are easily recognizable by the hot humid days and sometimes excessive rainfall. Rainfall that unfortunately often results in flooding throughout the city. This flooding can frequently damage properties and disrupt our lives. Flooding in Texas City is becoming more frequent and a potential natural disaster that we should be prepared for.

If the unfortunate circumstance that a water related disaster should occur in your home or business, follow these easy tips and contact us at 409.750.7051 for immediate assistance. We have a water damage team ready to deploy at a moments notice

Things you should do if water damages your property

  • If possible, stop the source of water
  • Remove as much excess water as you can by mopping, using towels or wet vacuum if safe to use
  • Towel dry furniture as much as possible, especially wood furniture
  • Move important papers, magazines and any nick knacks to dry area
  • Remove all rugs to a dry area
  • Place aluminum foil, wax paper or small dish under wooden furniture legs
  • If possible turn on A/C fan and fans for maximum drying in summer and heating unit during the winter
  • Use clothes pins to pin up draperies to prevent water circle damage
  • Remove all loose items on the floor to a dry area

Things you should NOT DO after a water damage

    • You should not try to use any electrical appliances, especially while standing on a wet floor
    • Do not attempts to use outlets that have been exposed to water or even moisture
    • Use heat to attempt to dry closed off interiors, this may cause mold growth
    • Leave books, magazines or other color printed materials on wet fabrics or floors
    • Leave wet fabrics in wet areas, move and dry as quickly as possible

Experiencing water damage, whether it be from an internal source like a busted pipe, hot water heater, or from flood damage caused by a recent storm, responding quickly is paramount. By taking swift action you can reduce or eliminate structural damage and the potential for mold growth. Delaying the response will only limit the ability to save your processions that could have otherwise been saved .

Contacting the right team of water damage restoration professionals is important for you, your home and your belongings. Texas City Restoration Service has the experience, team and the knowledge to remedy the situation in your time of need.

If you require emergency water damage restoration service, than call us on now at 409.750.7051!