Texas City Water Damage Restoration

At Texas City Restoration Service, we specialize in water damage to homes, businesses and large commercial structures. As a preferred contractor with insurance carriers, we provide the guidance needed when an unforeseen water emergency occurs. Our highly trained water mitigation specialist can handle water damage to your property no matter how large or complex the project.

In what can be a stressful and traumatic event our water damage restoration team will step right in, do the heavy lifting and put your mind at ease throughout the entire process.

If you require emergency water damage restoration service, than call us on now at 409.750.7051!

Helpful Water Damage Tips Until We Arrive

If an unfortunate event like a busted pipe, leaky faucet, bathtub overflow or flood from a recent storm occurs in your home or business, follow these easy tips to help alleviate some of the damage. Call us for immediate water assistance at 409.750.7051. We are here to help you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our team of water damage restoration professionals will show up fast, take control of the scene and offer assistance in your time of need.

Save What You Can

The first step, if you have not done so already is to locate the source of the water and shut it off. If you think the water is coming from inside a wall or a place you can not easily get to, then close the main water valve for the property. Once you have successfully stopped the flow of water, gather photos, important papers and documents that can easily be destroyed by excessive water. Next, get wooden items, like picture frames or furniture that can be moved out of harms way. As soon as we arrive, we will get the heavy wooden items out for you.

Remove electronics any other valuable items that are in danger of getting wet and move them to a dry secure place, perhaps into an upstairs bedroom, garage shelves or in your vehicle if possible. Remember you are working in water, so do not try to recover any electronics that are plugged into a live socket. When we arrive, we will turn power down to the house, making it safe to remove plugged in electronics.

Helpful To Do List Until We Arrive:

  • If possible, stop the source of water
  • Remove as much excess water as you can by mopping, using towels or wet vacuum if safe to use
  • Towel dry furniture as much as possible, especially wood furniture
  • Move important papers, magazines and any nick knacks to dry area
  • Remove all rugs to a dry area
  • Place aluminum foil, wax paper or small dish under wooden furniture legs
  • If possible turn on A/C fan and fans for maximum drying in summer and heating unit during the winter
  • Use clothes pins to pin up draperies to prevent water circle damage
  • Remove all loose items on the floor to a dry area

Help is on the way

If you called us, help is on the way and we will be there soon to help you real soon. Above all, its important to maintain a sensible level of safety. We know that not everything lost can be replaced, but putting yourself in harms way to save a few items is not worth the danger it may put you in. Remember water and electricity can be a deadly combination, so if you are uncomfortable, please find a dry and safe place until we arrive.

Water Removal From Your Texas City Home

If you have suffered water damage to your Texas City home and you choose us to mitigate your property then the following will occur:

  • We will inspect your property to scope the damage and source of problem
  • We will make sure your property is free of any hazards and is safe
  • We will work directly with your insurance carrier if applicable
  • Our specialist will explain the best course of action for your property
  • We will work to minimize the water damage to your property
  • We will use our best efforts to reduce the inconvenience this has caused
  • We will move and remove loose items in the affected area
  • Extract excess water using latest restoration techniques and machinery
  • Remove any flooring that would either delay the drying process or that may be deemed not salvageable
  • Install drying equipment to remove excess water
  • To reduce the potential of future mold problems, apply anti-microbial solution

If water has entered your home for any reason, Texas City Restoration Service can make the necessary repairs, mitigation and restoration to your property. You will find us to be professional and experienced in the task at hand. We offer a rapid response and dependable service for all projects whether it be a home, business or large industrial complex.

If you require emergency water damage restoration service, than call us on now at 409.750.7051!